Cutting edge modal filter
carve, sculpt and modulate your sound.

Special beta price!
$99 $49

A reverb of unparalleled
lushness and versatility.

$149 $89

Dramatically alter
the timbre and pitch of any sound.

$149 $89

Take any sound, instantly
freeze it in time.

$99 $49

The fastest volume tool,
breathe new life into your sound.

$49 $39

Infected Mushroom Bundle
I Wish + Manipulator + Gatekeeper

$297 $149

All Polyverse Plugins
I Wish + Manipulator + Gatekeeper + Comet

$446 $229

Supermodal v0.5.2

We are proud to announce another public beta version! This version comes packed with new presets, is very stable, fixes a lot of small bugs,…
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Polyverse Supermodal Physical Modeling Filter News Thumb

Supermodal: Make Your Music Resonate

Supermodal is a new-fashioned approach to old-fashioned filter plugins. It features a Modal Filter that contains 27 unique physical models created from a combination of…
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