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A Universe of Filters

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Filterverse is a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that offers filter types never heard before. It seamlessly blends bleeding-edge innovation with meticulous attention to detail and sets a new benchmark for filters.

From the classic to the exotic, Filterverse opens a portal to previously unimagined possibilities. Whether you know exactly what you want to hear, or aim to discover an entirely new sound, Filterverse makes dialing it in easy and inspiring.

Begin your journey of exploration of sonic dimensions beyond imagination. Enter the Filterverse.

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Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX plug-in formats 

For Windows 64bit and OSX 10.13+ 64bit



Compatibility Icons for Black BG

Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX plug-in formats 

For Windows 64bit and OSX 10.13+ 64bit

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Choose from classic, fat, saturating filters like Swiss Army Knife or the sweet-sounding Bread and Butter, linear, transparent filters like Clear Glass, extremely steep brick wall filters, exquisite multi-peak creations such as Ripples and Double-Slit, cyberpunk filters such as Robo Comb, and other audio effects including our Tempolay rhythmic granular delay and Space — our elastic and lush reverb.


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Filterverse Demo

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Filterverse on Synth

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Filterverse on Drums

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Filterverse in Series

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Filterverse on Pads

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Filterverse on Pads & Bass

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Filterverse Next Level Filters

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Filterverse features a highly intuitive interface for assigning its 8 modulation sources: Meta Knob, sequencer/LFO, ADSR, envelope follower, randomizer, pitch detector, MIDI/CV input, and audio-rate oscillator. Sources can have multiple destinations and destinations can have multiple sources. You can cross-modulate sources with each other, stereo modulation is easy to access, and none of it requires any menu-diving!


With three slots you can populate with any filter or effect you like, absolute sonic flexibility is ensured. Freely drag filter tabs to change their position, and pick serial, parallel, or combination setups in the routing tab. One or two clicks can provide instant inspiration and busting creative block. Panning, phase, and mid-side controls per filter let you further sculpt the sonic image.

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Synth Saw



Electric GTR 1

Drums Demo

Synth 1

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Synth 2

Electric GTR 2

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$149 $79


This version of Filterverse is a public beta. This includes any forthcoming updates including the full commercial release — beta adopters will not need to pay to upgrade to 1.x versions. Our quality assurance and beta testers have thoroughly tested the Filterverse beta and found it to be stable overall. However, there may still be some bugs lurking in the shadows, so be mindful of use in critical situations. We welcome your feedback on our Community forums and on our Discord chat. More filters and features are planned as the beta progresses, so this is your chance to be a part of the final product!


"Filterverse is an “instant inspiration” powerhouse. Feeding the simplest of sounds through these creative filters can kickstart an idea or fill in the missing spaces in a mix. The endless modulation possibilities make this a must-have production tool."
"For my sound design process I’m always looking for filters that aren’t just the classic analog styles, I want filters that do something weird, something different. Filterverse is an amazing playground of filters in a comprehensive and sleek UI, I’m having a blast making crazy sounds with it and am excited to see what other filters will be added over time!"
"Filterverse can do everything, from usual filtering to mangling a very simple input into something completely new!"
“Wow. The word ‘filter’ barely does this justice! Filterverse is one of the most advanced, warped, amazing and unexpectedly versatile plugins I’ve seen. And it’s incredibly easy to learn and program. Vast creative possibilities.”
"Everything on this plugin is well thought out, audio-rate modulators are a nice touch & the Robo Comb, Space & Tempolay modules are a lot of fun!"
"This is absolutely another outstanding plugin! A gorgeous and intuitive multilayered UI, pristine sound quality, carefully crafted presets, and it does all the things I could imagine wanting a filter-plugin to do."
"Polyverse has been changing the way I approach manipulating seemingly simple layers within my compositions for many years, but Filterverse is opening an entirely new door to creating motion. It could replace mainstay plugins based on the sheer ease of use and broadened possibilities. I can do a lot more now but using just one instance of Filterverse."
"We are always looking for modern sound design tools. Filterverse is an outstanding futuristic VST tool for us, with complex sound design options, the ability to shape soundwaves and transforming chaos into harmony, Filterverse helping us explore the beauty within music."
"Nearly all filters and EQs sound terrible to me, but NOT Filterverse! I dunno what kinda black magic voodoo they have going on but Filterversr is on a whole other level. Sound is #1 obviously, but the modulation system and sheer variety of algorithms make Filterverse stand head and shoulders above the competition. There are filters… and then there is Filterverse!"
"During a mammoth 18 hour studio session, the Filterverse definitely won plugin of the night!🤩 The stuff coming out of that thing was absolutely insane and from another world!"
"Filterverse is a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that redefines how producers and musicians manipulate sound. Offering an extensive array of filter algorithms, from classic synth emulations to avant-garde sound morphing tools, Filterverse invites users into a world where the only limit is their imagination."
"At first glance, an exciting new filter plugin. What particularly stands out here is the possibility of using three filters at the same time and animating them with super flexible modulations."


Massive filter collection from timeless to futuristic Refined algorithms capture filter behavior in minute detail Many filters self-resonate and create pleasing saturation Optimized for audio-rate modulation Combine 3 different filters using extensive routing options 8 different modulation sources available at once Modulators can cross-modulate each other Hundreds of presets by world-renowned producers Intuitive user experience focuses on immediate results Full stereo modulation, panning, and mid-side capabilities


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