At Polyverse, we are all musicians. We create cutting-edge music software and we pride ourselves in delivering uniquely expressive and engaging electronic musical instruments for producers and artists all around the globe. Now it is your chance to join our growing team of musicians that combines science and art to make inspiring musical instruments.

C++ Programer for UX/UI music software development

Full-time or Project-based

Job Summary

The UX/UI Programmer is responsible for Programing the user interface of the plug-ins we create. This means coding knobs, sliders, sequencer controllers, envelopes, as well as innovating and coming up with new ways for our users to experience musical instruments.

If you’ve always wanted to innovate in the field of user experience for musical instruments, this is the job for you.


  • Translate intricate mockups into live vector graphics
  • Write complex UI controls
  • UX/UI research and development
  • Product packaging (installers and so on)
  • Update and support legacy products
  • Other general JUCE-related chores


  • Be a musician*
  • Fluent in C++
  • Prior experience in developing UX
  • Team worker
  • Fast learner
  • Independent, trustworthy and responsible
  • Can take a UX project from start to finish

* You don’t have to be a pro, but you gotta have it flowing in your veins.


  • Experience with JUCE library
  • Experience with cross-platform and cross-DAW development


  • Work is done at-home/remotely with flexible hours. 40 hours a week.

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