Discover new filters in Filterverse v0.8.0, learn Beardyman’s creative process, and more!

Hello Polyverse Fam!
We’re excited to share the latest update for Filterverse, version 0.8.0, which brings you innovative filters and features, along with significant enhancements to improve your creative experience.

Next Phase: Phaser Delights

Step into a new realm of phaser effects with Next Phase, our modern phaser that introduces dynamic modulation possibilities. With controls like Peaks, Stretch, and Depth, you can sculpt the phase relationships and intensity to craft unique sound textures, from subtle nuances to profound transformations. Next Phase’s internal Saturation adds just the right amount of warmth and character, making it a versatile tool for any sound designer’s arsenal.

Decimate: Crunchy Textures Await

Decimate transforms your sound by reducing the sample rate, introducing a variety of textures reminiscent of vintage digital hardware. From gritty, crunchy effects to sophisticated modulations, Decimate offers a plethora of options including advanced interpolation algorithms, multiple sampling techniques, and an integrated bit-crusher. This filter is your go-to for creating distinct, character-rich elements in your music.

Enhanced Settings Panel

We’ve revamped the settings panel in Filterverse 0.8.0 to give you greater control and flexibility over your creative workflow. Now, you can save your preferred settings as the default for every new project, or customize them for each project you work on. This new functionality ensures that you can jump straight into your creative process with your favorite configurations ready to go. Whether you’re working across multiple projects or need tailored setups for different tasks, our overhauled settings panel makes it seamless and straightforward to manage your preferences.

What else is new in Filterverse 0.8.0?

  • More presets!
  • Legato toggle now on main panel directly beneath output level meter
  • Modulation button now highlights correctly when hovering over a slot
  • Oscillator display now only controls shape
  • Filter modulation copy now fixed
  • Bugs pertaining to Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio fixed
  • Code cleanup and modernization
  • Reduced resource consumption and increased responsiveness
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements

Beardyman Joins the Polyverse Family!

Artists Profile Pictures Wide Beardyman

We are thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented Darren “Beardyman” Foreman to the Polyverse family! A pioneer in live vocal processing, Beardyman has captivated audiences worldwide by transforming his voice into a full orchestra of sounds, blending beatboxing, singing, and comedy into electrifying performances. His innovative approach to music aligns perfectly with our mission at Polyverse Music. As he incorporates Filterverse into his toolkit, Beardyman is set to push the boundaries of sound design even further. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together, exploring new dimensions of audio creativity and delivering groundbreaking content that showcases the unique capabilities of our plug-ins through his visionary artistry. Join us in celebrating this collaboration — and read an exclusive interview with Beardyman here.

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Modulate This! YouTube Series:

Explore the capabilities of Filterverse’s eight modulators with our series, “Modulate This!” Hosted by synth wizard Adrenakrohm, these sessions are packed with valuable insights for enhancing your modulation skills. Start Watching

Ready to Upgrade Your Sound Design?

With Filterverse 0.8.0, your sound design possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to hear how you use these new tools in your music. Update Filterverse Today.

Happy filtering!
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