Filterverse Public Beta Released!

Filterverse is a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that offers filter types never heard before. It seamlessly blends bleeding-edge innovation with meticulous attention to detail and sets a new benchmark for filters.

From the classic to the exotic, Filterverse opens a portal to previously unimagined possibilities. Whether you know exactly what you want to hear, or aim to discover an entirely new sound, Filterverse makes dialing it in easy and inspiring.

The public beta of Filterverse, is available at a discounted price of only $79. This includes any forthcoming updates including the full commercial release — beta adopters will not need to pay to upgrade to 1.x versions.

Our quality assurance and beta testers have thoroughly tested the Filterverse beta and found it to be stable overall. However, there may still be some bugs lurking in the shadows, so be mindful of use in critical situations.

As the beta progresses we will be adding more features and many more filters so stay tuned!

We welcome your feedback on our Community forums and on our Discord chat.

This is your chance to be a part of the final product!

For more information visit:

Begin your journey of exploration of sonic dimensions beyond imagination.

Welcome to the Filterverse!