Supermodal v0.5.2

We are proud to announce another public beta version!
This version comes packed with new presets, is very stable, fixes a lot of small bugs, and implements many requested features!

Hopefully, if all goes well – the next version will be the release version (v1.0.0).

Change Log:


  • Ctrl – /= or Command -/= to resize the plugin
  • Modulation Amount Sliders – are now labeled according to the active modulator
  • Filter stability and sound improvements
  • Random and Sequencer now have a UniPolar function
  • Sequencer: Use Arrow keys to shift and invert phase (click to gain keyboard focus)
  • Sequencer: use the letter keys to select a corresponding shape
  • More presets
  • Nicer Init
  • Right-click Preset Browse Button to save a new preset without opening the preset list
  • Active Modulation Buttons are highlighted when hovering over modulation slots
  • Various tiny bug fixes

To get the recent version please check your inbox for the update email or visit our Update page.