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Supermodal: Make Your Music Resonate

Supermodal is a new-fashioned approach to old-fashioned filter plugins. It features a Modal Filter that contains 27 unique physical models created from a combination of up to 200 different filters.  This allows Supermodal to blend entirely new sonic characteristics into your mix.  Through the combination of its classic state-variable-filter and the Modal Filter, Supermodal delivers both traditional filtering and a new cutting-edge tool for your sound palette.  

The Modal Filter contains 9 different modes, each with 3 unique forms for a total of 27 models that can be blended between each other.  Each model produces resonant frequencies that are signature to its source.  These range between instruments, objects, mathematical formulas and more.  Combined with its extensive modulation section, the Modal Filter will unleash a wider range of unique sounds that cannot be replicated by any traditional filter or plugin.       

Supermodal also features a classic State-Variable-Filter (SVF).  The SVF filter smoothly blends between high pass, band pass and low pass.  When combined with the Drive setting, this filter will allow you to achieve a thick, fat sound.  

For a limited time, get the Supermodal Public Beta at a discounted price and you’ll receive the full version upon release.  

Make your music resonate,

  • Polyverse Music Team