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The Bundle Deal is a special discount for purchasing the entire collection of Polyverse’s plugins at once,
delivering a collection of cutting edge audio manipulation tools that offer unparalleled creative possibilities for music producers and audio engineers.

Whether you’re a music producer looking to push the boundaries of your creative output, or an audio engineer seeking new and innovative ways to enhance your mixes, the Polyverse Bundle Deal is an exceptional value that can help take your music to the next level.

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Supermodal is a modal filter with unparalleled sound design capabilities. It is a “Meta-filter” that utilizes hundreds of surgically precise bandpass filters to model the resonant characteristics of various objects.

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A reverb of unparalleled lushness and versatility. Envelop your sound in breathtaking textures of unbelievable clarity while creating living, breathing space in real time with Comet’s unique preset morphing capabilities.

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Meet Manipulator: A vocal processor capable of subtly imposing pitch and harmonization, to a full-on sonic mangle that will leave you with a totally new sound.

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Gatekeeper can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, sample-accurate volume automation and more, making it a swiss army knife of creative expression.

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I Wish is an anomaly in itself, a micro-editing tool that doubles as a real-time polyphonic wavetable synth and an extremely unique production tool.

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Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX plug-in formats 

For Windows 64bit and OSX 10.12+ 64bit


Polyverse Music plugins are designed to achieve extraordinary sounds and effects that are highly sought after and/or not easily attainable by our fellow musicians.  As a company built by musicians, we strive to deliver state-of-the-art tools for all audio professionals.


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"Out of this world. Comet is exceptionally rich, fluid, smooth, and epic, and we’d have no hesitation in recommending it on that basis alone."
"Dude!!! Supermodal is so cool!!! This will find its way in my next tracks FOR SURE!!"
“I use Polyverse plugins everyday and love them always. They are at some point in every track I’ve done for tv composing and sync artist work. Basically if you’re watching tv or streaming anything you’ll hear Polyverse plugins.”
"I Wish works wonderfully, and I guess it’s worthy to have it in your plugin arsenal for those moments when you wanna experiment and try to create something new and unique!"
"Manipulator is an excellent, powerful and versatile vocal (and other sources) manipulation tool. There really is no end to the possibilities and you could find yourself losing a few hours just playing with it for fun!"
"There is no question that Gatekeeper is, hands down, the most bone-shatteringly awesome volume modulator in the scope of existence."
“When I use Polyverse plugins, for me making music becomes a natural process, they are so intuitive and so much fun to play with that the outcome is always different and genuine!”
"In addition to unique musical effects, Polyverse stuff is also really great for sound design and vocal processing, so it's very well suited for all aspects of video game audio work."
"This Plugin Is Pretty Sick"
"This unique approach to the filter invites sonic experimentation and creative sound design."
"Polyverse Supermodal delivers vivid Resonate sounds that sound "funky-fresh" and in a positive sense have not confirmed my old prejudices. The modulation options are easy to trade and playfully usable. The package of chic plugins and great sound possibilities is harmonious. You should grab it!"
“This is great! Really inspiring sound shaping.”
"I can literally just throw it on a synth and surf some presets and it's like this instant "sound cooler" button."
“Supermodal is indeed one hell of an awesome filter! As with Comet and Gatekeeper, again Polyverse has totally reimagined a classic effect and surrounded it with an elegantly layered interface that holds super deep sound design possibilities. Simply calling this "a filter" is terrible understatement!”
“If there's one thing that Comet does particularly well, to my mind, it's very bright reverbs”
“Comet is showing up on every song I write/demo and on all my major label productions in Nashville. I can’t get over how lush, clear and smooth the tail is!”
“Comet is my new favorite reverb and probably one of the best plugins on the market for producers and engineers like me who are always looking to create new textures and experimental shapes of sound.”
"This is a plugin that isn't emulated on any piece of hardware but has an incredibly rich and epic tone and it's unique ability to seamlessly morph between presets makes it perform like an instrument in itself."
“Manipulator is one of my go-to's for tweaking sounds. You can get so many interesting FX from it that you can’t get with other tools.”
"Manipulator can just make crazy sounding textures when layering it on vocals or instruments."
"Even though it has a million creative features, I use Manipulator for simple and clean pitch shift. Manipulator has, hands down, the smoothest formant I've ever heard. Super clean, fast, and natural sounding."
“I’m super passionate about creative vocal processing and Manipulator has become central to what I do. It's unparalleled combination of power and simplicity make it a go-to for my favorite tricks and new ideas. To put it another way, Manipulator is just insanely FUN.”
"Manipulator is incredible. It is the lowest latency, lowest CPU drain and crispest sounding live pitch-shifting algo I have ever used. It's modulation section is amazing and fun to use. It allows me to do what I do. Without it I don't know how I'd achieve what I'm able to. It's unique and absolutely invaluable. It would be a bargain at 3 times the price.”
"Manipulator is an excellent, powerful and versatile vocal (and other sources) manipulation tool. There really is no end to the possibilities and you could find yourself losing a few hours just playing with it for fun!"
"Manipulator excels in the creative stage of the production process. This should be a go-to for the EDM producer, sitting down with their computer on a wet Wednesday afternoon, without a specific idea in mind, but enough spare time to build a track."
"This tool is an absolute BEAST! Not only can it modulate a voice, it can take in a MIDI signal and affect the pitch of the processed audio signal. This can be done monophonically, to emphasize the notes of a melody, or to give a sound an “auto tune” feel"
"Manipulator is much more than a plain pitch shifter. It simply asks you to think outside the box and create something completely new and original."
"Create insane vocal effects in realtime."
"If you enjoy warping and manipulating sounds beyond the recognizable, but still making them usable it looks like Manipulator is for you."
"The plugin offers close to infinite transformation possibilities due to the ten built-in effects. Through the use of granular modulation, it can even alter the pitch and timbre of mono audio. Whatever the combination you choose, the goal is coming up with entirely new sounds and textures to make the vocals on your tracks stand out."
"Manipulator is a pitch shifter VST plugin that really excels at transforming vocals. You can easily create vocal harmonies or tweak the vocals so much that they sound like a lead synth instead of human voices. Both results are really easy to achieve with Manipulator."
"If you’re looking for a clean digital vocoder, look no further. Manipulator comes in strong with a more modern approach to its sonic characteristics. It is more than just a vocoder. The Manipulator can handle all your vocal mangling and warping in one, making it an excellent mid-market investment."
"The sound design in horror films can put your audience directly into the experience. In this article, learn about the history of horror music scores and spooky sound design, and how to make them, whether you’re a musician or not. There are lots of tips on what sounds and techniques work well in the genre including Polyverse Manipulator."
"It is easy to get great sounds from Manipulator. The pitching, formant, and harmonics all sound smooth and lack the digital distortion that can appear when transposing audio."
"I find myself loading Gatekeeper with every track I make. I usually use it with a very subtle mix, on sustain elements like pads and reverb, to give them a subtle movement. LOVE this device. "
"If you are looking for a volume automation tool, Gatekeeper should be at the top of your list. I find myself using this plug for inspiration over and over again. With the flexibility of the 8 envelopes and over 100 presets there is no end in sight for new, creative and interesting ideas."
"Gatekeeper is an awesome plugin and does volume automation the best out of all of my other plugins of the same sort, it is really easy to work with and can definitely add some spice to whatever signal you apply to it."
"Gatekeeper by Polyverse is a flexible, and cutting edge volume modulation, it is capable of producing sequenced volume patterns, MIDI gates, stutter effects, pseudo-sidechain (ducking) effects, planned dynamics, creative gain clipping, and much more."
"The latest Polyverse Music plugin, Gatekeeper, offers truly amazing control over previously time-consuming stutter and gate effects."
"Gate plugins are often not a very creative tool as that’s not their main role. However, guys from Polyverse have found a way to improve it and make it more creative, so you can use Gatekeeper not just like a typical gate plugin, but also as an LFO or step sequencer. It may bring those pad layers back to life for any kind of electronic music."
"Gatekeeper stands out from other standard gate designs with an interesting feature that includes eight envelopes, independent of each other. This essentially makes Gatekeeper, one of the best noise gate plugins for rhythmic gating purposes."
"There are a lot of praises to be sung about the Gatekeeper plugin. Aside from the alluring interface with its signature purple pulse, it has one of the more extensive ranges of presets to offer users."
"Creatively using silence can be an incredibly effective production technique. It allows space for different elements of your track to shine through and, when used correctly, can breathe new life into your music. Gatekeeper by Polyverse is built for exactly that, using creative gating and sequencing in your productions in a unique, imaginative way."
"Gatekeeper is a solid Gate plugin that has everything one could ask for in terms of volume automation."
"GateKeeper keeps in line with its volume automation, the primary ability of GateKeeper. The effect can be used for simple (but super precise) sidechaining or the effect can be used more creatively to instill complex rhythms into drum beats, bass lines, melodies, anything really!"
“I Wish is a really cool plugin for sample manipulation. It’s a fun and unique approach to sound design.”
"Overall I would say that I Wish is quite unique and can generate some really great results from any audio source."
"As a unique tool to instantly turn any sound into an unconventional synth, "I Wish" by Polyverse Music is very interesting and very useful."
“Far more practical than a penny tossed into a fountain, I Wish will grant your desires assuming these involve replicating some of the godlike production feats of bands such as Infected Mushroom and Shpongle.”
"I Wish is both robust and easy-to-use. The GUI was clearly designed for impressive ease-of-use and the presets sound AWESOME. I Wish can also be used as a polyphonic synthesizer, with wavetable oscillators. This allows you to make musical elements from any audio of your choice!"

Unlock your creativity and harness the power of Polyverse

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All Polyverse Plugins
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