Massive updates to all plugins + Big Sur Compatibility

We’re proud to announce that all Polyverse plugins have received a fresh new update, and are now compatible with MacOS 11 Big Sur and Apple M1 (ARM-based) processors. 

In addition, Polyverse plugins have received new features such as:

  • VST3 versions of all plugins
  • Gatekeeper now has the ability to send MIDI CC data, allowing it to control parameters of other plugins.
  • I Wish has received a more robust protection scheme, and can now be authenticated in host DAW applications via license key file.
  • I Wish now has a demo version, available at
  • Various stability fixes and future-proofing

The new versions can be downloaded at

Current Versions:
I wish v1.2.12
Manipulator v1.4.9
Gatekeeper v1.3.13
Wider v1.1.3
Comet v1.1.11

*MacOS users are cautioned to ensure that their host DAW applications are also compatible with MacOS 11 Big Sur before updating.