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  • AU, VST2, VST3 or AAX compatible host
  • Windows: 64 bit
  • MAC: 64 bit osx 10.9 and up (including Big-Sur & Apple M1 ARM chip)



Do you have a demo version of Gatekeeper?

Yes! A demo version of Gatekeeper is now available for download.

I’m experiencing issues with Polyverse plugins and Logic Pro X 10.5.

This issue has been resolved. Please update to the latest version

Is Gatekeeper compatible with GarageBand?

Many of Gatekeeper’s features will work as an insert effect on GarageBand. However, due to the lack of side chain and MIDI routing in GarageBand, Gatekeeper’s MIDI¬†features will not be accessible.

Video Tutorial

Workflow Demo

QuickStart Videos

Gate keeper’s quickstart videos are coming soon. In the meantime you may watch the similar Manipulator tutorial on how to hook both midi and audio to Gatekeeper