Black Friday 2020 – 50% off Everything

Hey Polyverse family,

It’s that time of year again and we’re having a special Black Friday sale where all products are 50% off. Want to complete your Polyverse collection? Now’s the time. Head over to one of the product pages below and grab some before they’re gone.


The Infected Mushroom Bundle
$249 $129

The full bundle curated by Infected Mushroom, this set of plugins containing Manipulator, Gatekeeper and I Wish is the ultimate in creative expression. Whether you want that classic Infected sound or create your own unique tones and effects, the Infected Mushroom Bundle has you covered.

$149 $69

A vocal transformer with serious attitude. Manipulator is an incredible versatile, yet subtle tool with 10 distinct effects to choose from. Even better, Manipulator communicates via MIDI with almost zero latency so you can create 4 part harmonies with your voice in real-time.

$49 $24

A fast, accurate, and flexible volume modulator. Gatekeeper is the fastest sample accurate volume modulator available for purchase. Create rhythmic patterns and gating effects with surgical precision, or use some of our hundreds of custom presets to give your sounds that extra bump you’ve been looking for.

I Wish
$99 $49

The original pitch freezer plugin. The first plugin created in partnership with Infected Mushroom, I Wish is both effect and instrument. Use it with MIDI notes to create the classic Infected Mushroom vocal sound or simply play your sounds as instruments by using I Wish as a real-time wavetable synthesizer. Making music from noise has never been so fun.

$149 $69

Comet Reverb is perfect for making sounds come alive through its pristine sound, but there’s more behind its sheer beauty. Comet has 5 morphing preset slots that can meld into each other, allowing the creation of spaces that live and breath with your music.