The definitive filter collection,
explore a universe of sound

$149 $79

Cutting edge modal filter carve,
sculpt and modulate your sound.


A reverb of unparalleled
lushness and versatility.


Dramatically alter
the timbre and pitch of any sound.


Take any sound, instantly
freeze it in time.


The fastest volume tool,
breathe new life into your sound.


Infected Mushroom Bundle I Wish + Manipulator + Gatekeeper

$297 $249

All Polyverse Plugins I Wish + Manipulator + Gatekeeper + Comet + Supermodal

$544 $399

Audio Filter Cheat Sheet

Here is our educational aid on the basics of filters and their types. Feel free to print it out and let us know where you…
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Filterverse Public Beta Released!

Filterverse is a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that offers filter types never heard before. It seamlessly blends bleeding-edge innovation with meticulous attention to detail and…
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